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We’ve sold $31,350 worth of workshops this month.  And taken deposit for one more (if that goes through that makes it $37,850 so far this month). Our biggest ever. And it’s mostly your fault 🙂

– Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr

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In 2002 our company branched out and started providing educational training in over 15 different markets such as gardening, recreational vehicles & martial arts. As the business grew and we started helping more and more clients, we made the decision to move full-time into the coaching industry.

In 2007 we started to gather a team of professional experts across Canada, USA, England, New Guinea and Australia to build a support system of high level coaches that combines years of experience, culture, diversity, and results. We have been able to help our clients build out their businesses with measurable results and phenomenal growth using our expert guided online marketing strategies.

The biggest problem coaches have online is they can’t get enough clients from organic posting. Things such as posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get clients. Sure, you can build up a following online using those strategies - but it takes a really long time and it is very, very time consuming. This is why we focus on Facebook ads. We have found that it makes more sense to make the ads work, send you people and then the coaches can hopefully start making sales from those ads.

The side benefit is - when you focus on running ads, you also get organic followers as well. Meaning - when someone from Facebook ads signs up for your email list, you now can get them to follow you on other social media platforms. You can easily do this through your autoresponder follow-ups. This gives you a really big opportunity to use all the other free social media sites if you choose! You can send an auto email to get them into your Facebook group, Linkedin connections or wherever else you want to engage with them. (If you choose).

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I have been in business since 2002 and helped thousands of coaches and business owners grow their businesses.


Our retention rate is over 98% and based on our client success reviews you will see why!


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Jason has a 17+ year track record at getting clients for his own business & has built a multi-million dollar a year brand in the process.

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Not only does Jason get results for his own business, but his clients get massive results too.

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Jason has been online since 2005 and has had a record year every year since. But he didn’t start out that way…

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