About Jason

My Story

My name is Jason Nyback.  I’m widely regarded as the world’s leading expert at helping coaches, consultants and “experts” attract clients who are qualified using Facebook ads.

I’ve been in business since 2003 and went “full-time” in 2005. Before that I was an associate pastor in a 2,500 person Christian church in Edmonton, Canada.

I grew up in a small farm town in Alberta, Canada & actually had a learning disability that almost caused me to not be able to graduate from high school. I did make it through and then went on to Bible Collage and got a 4 year degree in Theology as well as my private pilots license!


Early Business Success

While I was a pastor – me and a partner started to see that there was a gap in technology for websites back in 2003. We decided to start a technology company to help them develop turnkey websites that they could manage themselves. Over the next couple years we grew to having over 150 clients and a team in both Canada & the USA.

In 2005 I had to resign from being a pastor to focus on building the technology company that was serving churches. Later that year we ended up selling the company! All these years later it’s still in business serving churches and organizations.

How I Ended Up Coaching

After selling the technology company I moved into building out a publishing company that sold digital training materials. I was able to grow it to serve 16 different niche markets and had tens of thousands of customers all over the world.

It wasn’t long before other business owners wanted to know how I was doing it and I ended up coaching them on how to implement my systems for getting traffic & making sales online.

Next thing you know – coaches, experts and consultants started asking for my help and services for getting more clients using the strategies I was using to get clients online.

Since this time I have mastered the art of getting clients using paid online media & focused on Facebook ads. (Click here to see my results)